Exhibitor Camping Registation
See you soon! July 7- 16, 2023
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Exhibitor Camping Registation

The 2023 Camping Registration form also allows you to order parking and mega passes

Mail in version

If you do not want to register and pay for your camping online you may download this form and complete it and mail the form along with a check to Oakland County Fair, PO Box 365, Davisburg, MI 48350

2023 Camping Registration pdf

2023 Camping Registration

2023 Oakland County Fair Camping Application

CAMPING FEES/PARKING (Rates are from July 7 through July 16, 2023.Camping fees include $35 for one required weekly campground parking tag that must be prominently displayed in your vehicle. You may have a maximum of 2 campground parking tags.You must have a campground parking tag to park in the camping area. Indicate your camping choice below You must purchase an air site if you want to be considered for a camping site in the horse arena area (west camping area).

Name and contact information is to be of the adult responsible for the camp site.

Exhibitor Information

Names and ages of others that will be camping with you

In Case of Emergency please notify

Camper Information

Type of camping unit

Camping Unit has Slide Out

Every possible effort will be made to accomodate your request.
Camp Sites
2023 Camping- Electric non-Air
2023 Camping-Non Electric
Your camping fees include one required weekly campground parking tag that must be prominently displayed in your vehicle. You may purchase one additional campground parking tag. You may purchase that tag below.
2023 Camping Parking
Apr 05 - June 08, 2023
General Admission $35.00
Additional Parking-
Must have promo code from fairbook to receive exhibitor discount
Pre Sale Fair Long Parking
Redeem this ticket for one 10 day parking pass to the 2023 Oakland County Fair. Ticket maybe redeemed at parking gate entrance.
July 07 - July 16, 2023
General Admission $35.00
2023 Mega Pass before July 1
Oakland County Fair 2023 Mega Pass. Unlimited carnival rides for one individual for the full 10 days of Fair, July 7-16. Non-transferable. Weight and height restrictions apply, see http://bigrockamusements.com/event-picker/returnp for ride info.
July 07 - July 16, 2023
General Admission $75.00

1.Camping at the OC Fair is limited. First priority for camp sites will be for our exhibitors and to those groups that are necessary to provide the support to run the Fair. This includes Fairboard, superintendents, vendors and carnival personnel. All other camping requests must be approved by the Fairboard. CONDUCT POLICY: Anyone participating in an Oakland County Fair activity who, in the opinion of the Oakland County Fair Board is caught in the act of theft or vandalism or any other illegal act, is caught with illegal drugs, alcohol or marijuana, is under the influence of illegal drugs alcohol or marijuana or is involved in acts such as unsportsmanlike conduct, foul language, animal abuse or failure to follow the rules may be dismissed from the Fairgrounds. The offense may result in loss of current and/or future camping privileges. If the offender is an exhibitor, premium monies will be forfeited and all projects must be removed immediately and this may affect your eligibility to exhibit at future Fairs. If it is determined by the Oakland County Fairboard Director in charge of the activity that the offense warrants it, the offender may be turned over to the proper authorities. It is the responsibility of all adults on the grounds to report any infraction of these rules to a Fair Board member immediately.

2.Camping overnight at the Fair should be a positive learning experience. The following rules have been adopted by the Oakland County Fair Board to assist the club leaders and parents in making this a pleasant experience for the youth involved.

3.Applicable State of Michigan and Oakland County Parks and Recreation rules and regulations relating to the use of this facility and camping shall apply in addition to the following:

4.OVERNIGHT OCCUPANCY: All campers and their guests must be registered on a camping application. All youth age under age 18 staying overnight on the Fairgrounds must be under direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian. Exhibitors age 18-21 will be recognized as an adult on the campsite, but can only supervise immediate family members. However, exhibitors may remain with their Club Leader, with prior approval from the Oakland County Fairboard. Any Club Leader overseeing youth must maintain adequate supervision of all youth registered to their campsite. There is a four youth per supervising adult maximum ratio for each campsite permit.

5.QUIET HOURS: All campers must be in their campsite and keep noise levels low between 12:00 am and 6:00 am. All guests not registered on a camping permit are not allowed on the Fairgrounds between 12:30 am and 6:00 am.

6.CAMPING APPLICATION: Must be completed, signed by the adult responsible for the youth at the campsite, submitted with your Entry Form and total payment of fees to the Fair Office. Camp sites will not be assigned until the camping application has been received and fees paid.

7.ELECTRICITY/AIR CONDITIONING: Electrical campsites are limited to one per exhibitor family. Additional sites will be assigned if available. The Camping Superintendent will assign electrical/air conditioned campsites on a first come basis. If you are at a non-air conditioning site you cannot use air conditioning as this causes power equipment malfunctions (outages) that impact other campers and the grounds. There are a limited number of non-electrical sites available. The electrical camp sites do have limitations on what each camp site can run. Over usage of equipment (air conditioning, fans, microwaves, hairdryers, etc.) can cause electrical outages that affect other campers. Repeated overuse of appliances that causes outages may result in loss current and/or future camping privileges at Fair.

8.RESERVATIONS: Locations of campsites will be determined by size of unit, choice of electric or nonelectric and air conditioning. All clubs, family and friends wishing to camp together should indicate on the preferred camping area on the Camping Application. These requests will be honored whenever possible but are not guaranteed.


Wednesday July 5TH 2 PM-8 PM

Thursday July 6th 9 AM-8 PM

Friday July 7TH 9 AM-6 PM

Saturday July 8TH NOON-6 PM

Sunday July 9TH 9 AM-NOON

Permits will only be given to the adult responsible for the campsite. Permits and site numbers must be obtained before any units are set up. If the camper is not on the campsite by 12:00 pm Sunday, July 10th , you will forfeit your reservation and the site will be offered to those on the wait list. There will be no refunds given unless prior arrangements have been made with the Camping Superintendent and approved by the Fair General Manager. CHECK OUT: All campers must be removed from the grounds by 8:00 PM, Monday, July 17th unless previous arrangements have been made with the Fair General Manager. The power from the generators well be shut off on Monday, July 17th .

10.CAMPERS: Campers are to be self-contained and self-sufficient. Operational smoke detectors are required in all campers. Carbon Monoxide detectors are strongly advised. All electrical cords must be approved. Please position your camper (including slide outs) to be within your designated camp site boundaries.

11.CAMPSITES: No ground fires are allowed. Campfires must be attended at all times by an adult. You must use seasoned wood, totally extinguished (no smoking or glowing ashes) by 12:30 am and the size is limited to 3’X3’X2’. Barbeque and hibachi grills are allowed. Camping areas must be kept clean at all times. No septic hook-ups are available. No full-time water hook-ups are allowed; water is available for fill ups and then must be disconnected. Picnic tables are not provided for campers.

12.PARKING: Registered campers, who have purchased parking permits, will receive campground parking tags for vehicles. Only 2 camping Hang tags are allowed per site. You are allowed to park one vehicle at your own campsite (must be off the road) if space allows. This vehicle must have a camping parking tag. All other vehicles must park in designated parking areas. Any vehicles illegally parked or without the proper tag in the camping areas will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

13.BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS AND ROLLER BLADES: are not allowed on the Fairgrounds or camping area during Fair.

14.PERSONAL PETS: Pets must be secured in the campsite by a 6-foot leash or rope and have a current license, up to date vaccinations and respond to voice command. No pets allowed less than 4 months of age. If a pet causes disturbances in the camping area, it may be cause for the removal of the animal from the grounds. Owners must clean up pet droppings. No pets are allowed in any of the animal barns, restrooms, Midway or Arena areas.

15.PUMP-OUTS: Pump outs will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday (days are subject to change) during Fair for a fee. You must sign up and pay for pump outs at the Fair Office. . YOU MUST SIGN UP & PAY BY 2 PM THE DAY BEFORE SCHEDULED PUMP OUT.

16.No horses or livestock are allowed in the camping areas.

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