Parent Teacher Organization Partnership Program
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Parent Teacher Organization Partnership Program

Introducing an opportunity for you to enrich the lives of the children in your school. The Oakland County Fair invites you to partner with us to provide an adventurous opportunity for your kids and a financial benefit to your parent/teacher organization.

The Adventure

This adventure begins with something as simple as a child and a school project. Let me share a story with you about such an adventure. This adventure began with a ceramic duck that was made in art class and a young girl named Kristina. Right after the school year ended, she had the opportunity to enter this art project in the local fair. Once at the fair, she took the project that she entered to judging and met and talked with a judge about how she had painted her duck. What do you know, she won a ribbon and had a wonderful time. But something more happened. She saw all the things the other kids had done and what else she could do. With this inspiration, her adventure continued. Over the years, Kristina entered many projects. She cultivated lifelong friendships and learned the value of hard work, dedication and sportsmanship. She even got her first job as a result of her involvement at the Fair because her employer knew her work ethic from being involved at the Fair.She now has a master’s degree in public health and has found her direction in life, and it all started by taking a simple ceramic duck to the fair all those years ago.Kristina will tell you, “You never know your potential until you try”.

So why do we share this story with you? Because there are many more kids today that need to have an adventure and need to find how they fit in but they do not know about the Oakland County Fair and all the opportunities that are available to them.

The Opportunity

The Oakland County 4-H Fair Association is offering a participation incentive program to parent teacher associations of Oakland County Schools to increase awareness of the Oakland County Fair.

  • Many of the project areas that the Fair offers are areas already covered in most school curriculum.
  • Many of the schools have active Parent/Teacher Organizations that are in need of fundraising opportunities for school enrichment programs.

The Financial Benefit

For up to ten Parent Teacher Organizations enrolled in the incentive program, the Oakland County Fair will pay up to $1000 each if certain benchmarks are met. In order for the school to be awarded the incentive they must achieve two benchmarks. The first is the number of first time exhibitors and the second is the minimum number of projects exhibited. No-shows do not count in the number of projects and students who have exhibited at the Oakland County Fair in previous years would not count in the number of students.

The Details

Enrollment into the program will be on a first come basis. By enrolling into the program, your qualifying students will not be charged the exhibitor fee or entry fees for the projects they enter for the 2022 Oakland County Fair. They would be expected to pay for any additional items such as carnival tickets or admission to an arena event and other Fair Activities. The enrollment into the program will open February 1 and will close April 30 or when 10 parent/teacher associations have enrolled.

After enrollment the students at the school will be provided the current Oakland County Fairbook, which lists all the different project areas that are available to enter for the 2022 Oakland County Fair and all the guidelines. As you will see many of these projects are assignments that the students have already completed in school, such as artwork, creative writing and science projects. Fair entries will be made online, opening on May 7 and closing June 1.No late entries will be accepted for this program.

After projects are entered into fair and completed, the next step is to bring the projects to Fair. Dates that projects are to be brought to Fair for judging are in the front section of the Fairbook but typically are the first couple of days of Fair. The 2022 Oakland County Fair is July 8 – 17.Projects must remain on display throughout the entire Fair.

Projects and ribbons can be picked up at check out which is the final day of Fair or the next several days at the Fair office. Students will also be eligible for individual prize money or premiums which will be mailed directly to them after fair. Also, following Fair we will calculate the number of student the parent/teacher association has had entered along with the number of projects that were entered and a check will be mailed to the organization in August kicking off your 2022/23 school year with funds already earned.

The breakdown of award levels for the parent/teacher organization is in the table below.

Number of students that are first time Fair exhibitors

Number of Projects

Incentive Award




11- 25



26 and over

Minimum of 60


The Oakland County 4-H Fair Association believes that every child deserves to have an adventure in their life. They need to discover who they are and where they fit in. That is why our mission is to provide a public educational showcase of our youth through hands on experience with exhibits, demonstrations, and presentations as young people develop life skills in a family atmosphere. We believe that the Oakland County Fair is the perfect place for that adventure to begin.

Enrollment is limited!

Our enrollment is limited to the first 10 parent teacher organization who apply.

To enroll complete the enrollment form at the bottom of this page.

Questions or need more information?

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact us at 248-634-8830 or and ask for Sara Ressler, Assistant General Manager. We are also happy to set up a meeting with your contact person or your organization in person or by zoom.

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