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For questions please refer to the complete 2019 Oakland County Fairbook

All Other Contests

Fairbook pages 153-157





See Horse Department 16, Division 10


Ag Olympics: Sponsored by the Oakland County 4-H Livestock Club.

Objective: To provide recreational and fun team activities for all youth at the County Fair. The AG Olympics times will be posted in the Livestock Barn.

Rules: A team will be composed of four members of which two members must be 12 and under and two members must be 13 and over. Each team must consist of two boys and two girls. Entry sign-up sheets will be available in the Livestock Barn office. Olympics will be held on the 2nd Sunday of Fair.

The AG Olympics is designed with fun in mind. Participants can prepare to expect the unexpected in this activity. Get your teams together to unwind and have fun. The following are possible activities that may be included in this contest:

1. Hay bale toss

2. Hog driving contest

3. Sheep calling contest

4. Relay races

5. Egg toss

6. 3-legged race

Premiums: Participation ribbons will be given. Premiums are not paid.



All youth are eligible to gain hands-on experience by placing animals in a 1st through 4th position from a judge’s perspective. The participants may also have to give reasons for their placing of the animals. Species include beef, swine, goat and sheep with an overall. competition also. Sign up Friday before 9 am in the Livestock Barn office. First through fourth place rosettes and Junior and Senior trophies will be awarded. The Ralph Braid Memorial Trophy and The Middleton Family Award will be awarded. Ribbons and Trophies will be awarded before the Large Animal Auction, Saturday at 6:15 pm. No pre-registration is required

Premiums are not paid.

Livestock Showmanship Sweepstakes

Rules: The best two senior and intermediate showmen from, horse, goat, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbit and alpaca/llama areas are eligible to compete. The best senior or intermediate showman from beef and calf, areas are eligible to compete. These participants will compete in showmanship of all species listed above and answer showmanship questions about each of these species. Evaluations are made on the basis of answers and ability to show each species. Please reference the judging schedule for times. Championship Participation rosettes and Champion and Reserve Champion trophies will be awarded. Champion also receives John Cook Memorial Trophy and may not participate the following year but may enter in subsequent years.




2018 Winner: Aneesa Berryer

This scholarship is available to a graduating high school senior continuing their education at an accredited institution or trade school in the year in which they are applying or a college student continuing to exhibit livestock at the Oakland County Fair. To be eligible a candidate must have exhibited a beef, sheep, swine, goat or calf project at the Oakland County Fair for a minimum of three calendar years including the year of application. You may obtain a copy of the full set of requirements and the application from the Fair office or the web site: The application is due in the Fair Office no later than June 1st.




Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, but not required. You may sign up at the time of event.

Open to any youth (no adults) and his/her dog showing in the Dog project area at the current year’s Fair.

To be held on Sunday, July 14th following Free Style and Costume in the Companion Animal Tent. Class may be divided. Prize to be awarded. Contests may include, but not limited to: on or off leash only jumps, tunnels and chutes, tidbit catching, kid agility, puppy pushups, simon says and best dog tricks.



930101 Dog Fun Contests



Thursday, July 11th following Rally.

Quiz Bowl will only be open to the registered dog clubs in Oakland County or registered participants of the Fair in the dog area. Team may register in the Companion Animal Tent at any time prior to the event when the Registration Desk is open.

Two teams per club with 3-5 members in a team. Each team will pick a breed name and a captain. Teams must sign in and provide team information. If a Club does not have a team entering Quiz Bowl, registered dog area participants may join another team. Quiz bowl is limited to 50 questions or one hour. Each team will have 15 seconds after given a question to answer, if the team answers correctly the team earns 5 points. If the team answers incorrectly, the question is read again to the 2nd team who has 10 seconds to answer. If the 2nd team answers correctly they will earn 2 points. If the 2nd team does not answer correctly the question goes to the next team without being read again. The question is worth 2 points to the team that answers correctly. Questions will come from the AKC breed site, state dog show book and training site, 4-H Lab Kit and Oakland County Fairbook.. For additional information please contact the superintendent.



2018 Winner: Abby Glad

This contest is for all senior 4-H youth who have been active in the Fair and are nearing the end of their 4-H careers. We encourage you to gather all of your awards, pictures, and trophies to show your 4-H career successes. This contest is open to all seniors and last year competitors aged 18-19.

The enclosed display should consist of an accumulation of exhibits, awards, and 4-H experiences acquired throughout their 4-H career. Guidelines are the same as those for a club display and are listed in Club Exhibit Dept. #54, Division 1 Fair Theme Display,

Judging criteria is based on composition, creativity, and presentation of Fair theme. Please reference your judging schedules for dates and times of judging. An interview may be required to be used as a tie breaker. The winner will receive a trophy, and 2 (two) tickets to a nightly event. 2nd and 3rd place also receive tickets to a nightly event.



930102 Senior Last Year Display


This contest is for any child age 8 to 19 that wants to go head to head with a select model rocket in a drag race. The contest is to demonstrate skill, technique, and creativity in model rocket construction. All rocket entries must be built of the same kit. Contact Aerospace Department Superintendent for kit type and rules. Rules and kit can also be purchased at Discovery Day.

The scoring will be determined by the following point system: first off the launch pad (1 point), the lowest flight (1 Point) and the last to land (1 point). The rocket will be checked for safety on Judging Saturday and flown on Thursday morning after the rocket launch.

Strip Ribbons are awarded based on total points. In case of a tie, the flyer with the most wins will be awarded the next strip. If still a tie, the winner of a race-off will be awarded the next strip. No points will be added to the total scores for this race-off.

Best of show is determined by winner of the final race.


930103 Rocket Drag Race




2018 Winner:

Sara Liford

The purpose of this contest is to award outstanding 4-H youth a financial award to continue their education. We encourage all qualified youth, aged 17 and up to a senior in college, to apply for this contest. See application for all requirements. Application on line at Applications are due in the Fair Office no later than June 1st




Special rosettes will be awarded. Cornstalks and Sunflowers must be bagged in containers and

include the roots, stalk, and flowers.


Classes are also used as participation in the gardner of the year award.

Check in & Judging: Judging Saturday see plant science schedule for details


930106 Largest Cabbage

930107 Largest Cucumber

930108 Longest Gourd

930109 Biggest Gourd

930110 Largest Pepper

930111 Largest Potato

930112 Longest Squash

930114 Largest Tomato

930115 Tallest Corn Stalk

930116 Largest Sunflower Stalk

930117 Longest Green Bean

930118 Largest Radish


Sponsored By


2018 Winner: Kendall Stilwell

Check-in is Saturday, July 6th from 9:30 am to Noon. Ribbons will be awarded in each age class and $5.00 to the winner in each age class. The overall winner will receive a trophy and $25.00. Classes are also used as participation in the gardener of the year award.


930119 Ages 16-19

930120 Ages 13-15

930121 Ages 8-12

930122 Overall Winner


  • 1.All Cherry tomato plants must be of the same designated variety (plants will be distributed at Discovery Days).
  • 2.All Cherry tomato plants must be shown in a decorated 5 gallon bucket. During the initial seedling stage smaller pots may be used but at Fair time all plants must be well established in a decorated 5 gallon bucket.
  • 3.Plant must be free of bugs and disease, any plant that shows signs of or has bugs or diseases will need to be removed from Fair Grounds.
  • 4.Eighty percent of care must have been done by contestant.
  • 5.A weekly journal handwritten or typed by contestant must be submitted with plant. It should contain information regarding the weather, your watering and fertilizing schedule, type of fertilizer you used, soil condition and type, how you may have amended the soil, bugs or disease and how you handled it, when your first flowers appeared, when you noticed the first tomatoes.
  • 6.Warning- your plant may be disassembled during the judging process!


1. Total weight of all tomatoes on plant. (Red or green) 25 points

2. Total quantity of tomatoes on plant 25 points

3. Looks Overall 25 points

A. Health and Condition

B. Stockiness of plant.

C. Color

D. Creativeness of pot decoration

4. Journal 25 points

A. Record Keeping

B. Neatness

Total points 100 points


1. Cover page
2. Weekly journal pages starting with the day

you planted your seedlings.
3. Journal pages should contain:
a. Information regarding the weather
b. Your watering and fertilizing schedule,

including the type of fertilizer you used.
c. Soil condition and type, and how you may

have amended the soil.
d. Problems you may have had with bugs or

disease and how you went about

solving the problem.
e. When did you notice the first flowers and

when did you notice the first tomatoes?
4. Conclusion page. A brief paragraph about how you felt about your project. Would you do it again? What would you change? You may journal

more often if you wish but the minimum requirement is once a week. You may include pictures, drawings, or articles you found interesting about growing tomatoes. Please try to make it nice and neat so we can read all about your experiences. Have fun! We look forward to seeing you at Fair!



Rules: Registrations must be submitted to the Splash of Color Landscaping Contest, Oakland County 4-H Fair Association, P.O. Box 365, Davisburg, MI 48350. See Registration Form for complete information and rules. Registration form is available at the Fair Office or on our web site:

4-H Clubs: Submit the registration form with your fair entry form by June 3, 2019.

Placing: 1st through 6th, Premiums and Rosettes

1st : $100.00

2nd: $75.00

3rd: $50.00

4th – 6th: $25.00


930123 Temporary Splash of Color

930124 Permanent Splash of Color


“Pin One on the Fair”

Sponsored by: Cherry Hill North Lanes and the Fairboard


Mel Hager

Cell: 248-875-9773

Decorate a bowling pin and help promote the Oakland County Fair. Prizes will be based on the number of entries, so get together with your friends, neighbors and create the best bowling pin in the county!

Bowling pins will be available at the Fiesta Fundraiser, Discovery Day and at the Oakland County Fair office.


  1. Bowling pins must be entered on your Fair entry form. One entry per exhibitor or club..
  2. 2.Bowling pins may be decorated in any way that you choose without cutting into or destroying the bowling pin .
  3. 3. Decorations must include:
  4. Pins may not be professionally completed and must be the work of the person who entered the exhibit.

“Oakland County Fair” and the current year Fair Dates. Bowling Pins without this required information will be disqualified.

5.Bowling pin must be attached to a 5”X5” square base for stability. The base cannot be altered in any way.

6.Completed bowling pins may have no mechanical or electrical parts, but must display the name and date of the Fair.

7. Entries become the property of the Oakland County Fair and will be used for promotional purposes in various businesses throughout the county. Photos of the entries may be used in various advertising areas including the Fair web site.

8. Entries are due in the Fair Office on or before Monday,, June 3, 2019. No late entries will be accepted. Classes will be split is more than 17 entries in any class.

9. Judging will be based on neatness, materials used and creative promotion of the Fair.

10. Prizes: 1st -$30.00, 2nd -$20.00, 3rd -$15.00

11.Overall winner will also receive a Cherry Hill North Lanes Party Package with an approximate value of $50.00. Adults and Clubs are not eligible to win the party package.

12. If it is determined by the judges that the entry has not conformed to these rules or does not tastefully represent the Oakland County Fair, the entry will be disqualified.


930125: 8-14 years old

930127: 15-19 years old

930128: Adults

930129: Clubs

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