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For questions please refer to the complete 2019 Oakland County Fairbook


Fairbook pages 31- 33


Department 06


Josh Myers



1.Exhibitors must read and follow General Rules and Livestock Department Rules. Exhibitor must follow all MDARD Animal Health Requirements as posted on Fair web site: Call the Fair Office to obtain a copy of these requirements or go to

2.All sheep must have their individual scrapie ear tag in place before unloading. No muzzles on lambs at any time.

3.Pens must be cleaned as needed by 2:00 PM.

4.Pens to be bedded with natural material (wood shavings, straw, etc.) No carpets allowed.

5.While in the show ring, the lamb is to be shown with all four feet on the ground or ring surface.

6.Water must be available in pens at all times except 12 hours prior to entering the show ring.

7.Humane handling practices of sheep is required at all times.

8.No liquid feeding of lambs.

  • Five to Seven-year-old exhibitors may show in competitive showmanship and specific pet or breed classes.If so, they will follow all check in/check out times and rules.Five to Seven-year-old exhibitors may show in noncompetitive classes and bring in or borrow an animal from another exhibitor for the day of the show but cannot do both competitive and noncompetitive in the same Livestock areas.See General Rule #1 Eligibility.
  • Breeding sheep must be under ownership or lease by Discovery Day.

Premium Payout Information for all classes: see General Rules, Rule #17.

Do not pre-register for Championship classes.

Barn Set Up for Fair:Tuesday, July 2nd at 5 pm

Check In Date Saturday, July 6th from 6-9 PM and Sunday, July 7th from 8 AM to NOON

Weigh In: At check in.

Show Date:

Wednesday, July 10th at 6 pm.

Show Order:

5-7 Noncompetitive





Ladies/Lad Lead

Market Entries:See Department 11

Large Animal Auction:Saturday, July 13th at 6:30 pm.

Animal Release: 6:00 pm, the last Sunday of Fair.Exhibitors are responsible for their projects until they have been loaded for removal from the Fair.

Animal Education

Sheep Records, Consumer Education, Skills for Life, and Notebook. See Animal Education Dept. 1, in thisFairbook.


Placing:1 through 6 Rosettes, class trophy and Premium Money.Grand Champion $10 and special award, Reserve Grand Champion $8 and Rosette.Showmanship is highly encouraged.


060101 Senior Showmanship (ages 15-19)

060102Intermediate Showmanship (ages 12-14)

060103Junior Showmanship (ages 8-11)

060104Competitive (age 5-7)

060105 Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Showman.The best two senior or intermediate showmen are expected to compete to Sweepstakes.


Placing:1 through 6, Strip Ribbons and Premium Money

Champion and Reserve Champion will receive rosettes.

Breeding Stock Rules:

1.Breeding Stock cannot be shown in Market Lamb classes.

2.Breeding stock must be under ownership or lease by Discovery Day of the current year.

3.Exhibitor may enter no more than 2 animals in a single class and not more than 1 entry per group class.

4.The break date for spring and fall lambs is January 1 of the current year.

5.Exhibitors aged 8 years old may show aged ewes and not more than 3 animals in breeding classes.

6.A flock shall consist of 3 animals- 1 ram and 2 ewes, any age, and entered by one exhibitor.

7.If entered In All Other Breed class, put the breed name on your entry form.There must be 4 animals entered in a breed class to show as a separate class.

(An example of how to enter a Southdown spring ewe lamb would be:6-B-7:Southdown spring ewe lamb.)8.

5-7 Competitive exhibitors are eligible to Enter Divsions 2-7, Classes 2,6,7, and 8.




All Other Meat Breeds0605


All Other Wool Breeds0607

DIVISION 2-7 Class Numbers:

01Aged or Yearling Ram

02Ram Lamb-Spring

03Ram Lamb-Fall

04Champion Ram/Reserve

05Aged or Yearling Ewe

06Pair of Lambs-can be mixed pair

07Ewe Lamb-Spring

08Ewe Lamb-Fall

09Pair of Yearlings-can be mixed pair

10Champion Ewe/Reserve


Entry Example:A Suffolk pair of yearlings would be entered in class 060409.

DIVISION 8:Supreme Champions

Winners of Champion Class in each breed compete.

Champion and Reserve Champion will receive rosettes. Supreme Champions $10 and Trophy and Reserve Champions $8 and Trophy.


060801Supreme Ram

060802Reserve Supreme Ram

060803Supreme Ewe

060804Reserve Supreme Ewe



1. The object of this class is to present a class of sheep in the most attractive manner, to give spectators an opportunity to view classes of beauty and to improve the image of the sheep show.

2. Entrants in this class must be sponsored by an exhibitor of sheep at the Oakland County Fair or use their own sheep.

3. Sheep must be either ewe lambs or yearling ewes.

4. It is the responsibility of the sponsor or exhibitor to have a ewe conditioned, fitted and trained to show at halter.

5. The entrant will be judged on the mode of dress selected, which must be appropriate, attractive, made of wool or wool blend material, and must lend elegance to the class.

Judging:Wednesday, July 10th following breed classes.

Placing:1 through 6, Strip Ribbons and Premium Money

Champion and Reserve Champion will receive rosettes.

Judging Standards:

50%-Costume, poise and appearance

30%-Control and presentation of animal

20%-Standard judgment procedure of animal


060901Senior (ages 14-19)

060902Junior (ages 8-13)

060903Champion and Reserve Champion for lead classes

060904Pet Wethers


Rules: Raw fleece must be attractively displayed in a clean, clear plastic bag. Must be full fleece, at least 3 inches in length and unwashed.Solid colored garbage bags will not be accepted. Entry tag must be attached to your project.

Placing 1 through 6, Strip Ribbons and Premium Money

Best of Show will receive a trophy

Check-In: Turn in to Sheep Superintendent on Sunday, July 8th between 9 am and 7 pm.


601001Ram’s fleece-fine

061002Ram’s fleece-medium/course

061003Ewe’s fleece-fine

061004Ewe’s fleece-medium/course

061005Colored fleece

061006Angora Goat Fiber

Best of Show

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