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For questions please refer to the complete 2020 Oakland County Fairbook


2020 Technology

Fairbook pages 138-139





Placings and Awards:

Divisions 1-3:1-6 Strip Ribbons and Premium Money.

Best of Show:1-6 Rosettes, First Place- $5.00 and Trophy


Rules:One entry per class.This exhibit displays computer related projects.Each project is to include a notebook along with other appropriate method to display work (no posters please).Refer to Exhibit Hall Rules.A computer is not required.Computers will not be provided.Exhibitors may bring computer equipment during judging for demonstration purposes.Oakland County Fair Association is not responsible for the safety or security of any computer equipment.Internet connection can not be guaranteed for use by exhibitors.If a computer is brought in, it is not to left as part of the display.Consult the Superintendent, Exhibit Hall Chairperson or Fair Office for further

description and examples of classes.


730101Computer Programming Write a computer program, script, app, game, etc. to accomplish a task.Project must include flowchart, source code and example of program operation.

730102Computer Internet Projects-Design a web page/site; demonstrate proper web development tool usage for accomplishing a task; or any other project related to internet presence, hosting, server or service.Include source code.

730103Computer Aided Graphic Art/Design- Create graphic art, logos, computer enhanced digital photo, video animation or other computer graphics displays. (Technical/ Engineering drawings created with a computer should enter in class 730206)

730104Software Projects/Computer Usage- Demonstrate usage of a computer program or use the computer to complete a project.Include what programs were used and how they were used.Intended to demonstrate exhibitor’s understanding of the capability of the program and how they are best used.

730105Computer Educational DisplayProject is to provide information on computers or computer usage.This could be a tutorial, history, how-to, evolution of computing technology etc.This is not be confused with Section 730104 which is computer usage for a specific project.

730106Hardware Projects-Build a computer or computing device.Include materials list, explain purpose of device.

730107Networking-Build or demonstrate a network, interaction between two or more devices using a network, LAN, WLAN, Wi-Fi.

Best of Show


Rules:This exhibit displays power sources that may either be manmade or natural sources of energy.Except for class 730206, Technical Drawing Exhibitor is to build, repair, restore, demonstrate or explain a technical device or scientific principle associated with the class entered.

Exhibit must include at least two of the following items: trifold display, notebook, model, or the actual device.Exhibit must include two of the following:materials list, wiring diagram, schematic, flow chart, work or operation instructions.



730202Electrical Devices Non-electronic- Electrical devices such as motors, lamps, or appliances.

730203Gasoline Powered DevicesSpark plug must be disconnected for display. (small engines)

730204Alternative Powered Device (wind, solar, water, magnetic, other)


730206Technical DrawingDesign, engineering, architectural or other technical drawing or drawing set.Design need not be exhibitor’s original work but drawing entered must be.

730207Other Technology AreasContact Superintendent/Exhibit Hall Chairperson prior to entry to verify that no other class is appropriate.

Best of Show

DIVISION 3– Robotics/Remote Control

Robotics Rules: This exhibit demonstrates a machine capable of performing human actions. Remote control exhibit demonstrates a device controlled by a remote device to perform various functions. One entry per class.Exhibit must include at least two of the following items: trifold, notebook, model, or the actual device. Exhibitors must be present for an interview during judging (See judging schedule).


730301Robotic Design – Display design drawings of project.To include specific layout design, materials list, power source, and description of robotic task.

730302Robotic Project – All exhibits are to be prepared, assembled and built by the exhibitor.Include sequence of operation.

730303Robotic Educational DisplayEach project to include notebook along with a Trifold Display or other appropriate method to display work.

730304LEGO Robotics

730305Remote Control Device-The exhibitor is to build, repair or restore a remote control device.The device shown must be operable and demonstrated before the judge.Devices can include but not limited to:cars, trucks, planes or boats.

Best of Show

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