Plant Science
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For questions please refer to the complete 2020 Oakland County Fairbook

Plant Science

2020 Plant Science

Fairbook pages 130-132




248-860-1063 (text)


To be considered for this award, exhibitors must participate in a combination of classes from the following departments:Plant Science, the Biggest Produce Contest and Best Cherry Tomato Contest.

2019 Winner

This is an award sponsored by Oakland County Farm Bureau in Memory of Frank Genovesee to encourage interest and participation in many diverse areas of gardening. The award combines the best ten (10) efforts in any of the following classes:

Plant Science Department 68-All Classes

Biggest Produce Contest, Classes 930106-930118

Best Cherry Tomato Contest, Classes 930119-930121

Scoring will be based on strip ribbon placement for each entry:

Strip Ribbons: 1st=6, 2nd=5, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2, 6th=1

No additional points will be awarded to Division winners or Best of Show winners.
In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the youth with the most entries and highest placements in the 41 classes.
Entrants may be asked questions related to gardening to determine the winner. This award may be won unlimited times and is sponsored until 2028. A large plaque identifying the annual winner will be displayed at the Fairgrounds. A small plaque will be awarded to the annual winner to keep.

Learning Objective:

To demonstrate knowledge gained through the study of a specific plant science topic.


  • All Plant Science items are to be brought in the day of judging.
  • All items must be in a leak proof container.
  • All flowers, plants and shrubs must be groomed and watered while on display at the Fair.Water in cut flower displays must be changed on a regular basis.It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to do this maintenance.
  • The exhibitor must care for house plants at least three months prior to the Fair and must care for outdoor plants for at least one month prior to the Fair.Cut flowers may be purchased for flower arrangements (Division 2).
  • Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to be present for judging, but it is not mandatory for your entry to be judged.
  • Exhibitors may enter each class in each division but only one entry per class.Please read carefully and follow each class rules.
  • Plant shine cannot be used on the plants.Only water can be used for cleaning plants.
  • Plants must be disease free and must show no evidence of insect damage.

Placings and Awards:

Divisions 1-7:1-6 Strip Ribbons and Premium Money.

Best of Show:1-6 Rosettes, First Place- $5.00 and Trophy


This exhibit demonstrates a presentation of a cluster of bright colored petals near or at the end of a seed bearing plant.Some grooming of small

marigolds is important.

1.Exhibits should be cut flowers, do not display the entire plant.

2.Exhibits should be displayed in a narrow necked bottle that is sturdy enough to support the specimen.It is recommended that the height of the container be less than the length of the stem of the specimen.

3.Plastic bottles are highly discouraged.Make sure your bottle does not distract from the presentation.

4.Foliage should be left on the specimen, but there should be no foliage under water.

5.All plants should be appropriately groomed.


680101Annual Flowers

One to three stems or one bunch of statice, or other annuals growing as small bunches.

680102Perennial Flowers

One to three stems or one branch of lilies, or other perennial growing as small branches.

680103 Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

A plant that lies dormant in the winter and blooms in warmer weather such as gladiolus, dahlia or other such plants.


A shrub or plant having sharp prickly thorns with variously colored fragrant flowers.One to three stems or one branch of roses growing as small branches.

Best of Show


This exhibit is a live grouping of flowers arranged in a visually pleasing display making sure that the arrangement is in balance, not too tall.

Dyeing or spraying fresh plant material such as leaves, flowers, and branches is NOT ALLOWED.You may spray some dried materials for the dried arrangements.

Judging of flower arrangements will be based on:

  • Design
  • Color
  • Creative Expression This means originality.Originality is defined as your own personal ideas incorporated into a new design, an arrangement that is a little unusual or different.
  • Combination of Materials
  • Condition

Exhibitors may wish to study flower arranging concepts and techniques.The following websites provide useful information.



Place in a plastic bag with corsage pins.

680202Fresh Flower Arrangement

680203Dried Flower Arrangement


680204Wall hanging on background or door decoration (should be ready for hanging), all natural plant material.These exhibits consist of dried or artificial plants or flowers arranged in a visually pleasing design.

680205 Original-Anything goes (this is where you put your silk flowers).

680206Seed and/or sand pictures (not to exceed 24”X24”, ready for hanging.

680207Holiday or seasonal wreath or swag, ready for hanging.May use ribbon.These exhibits consist of dried or artificial plants or flowers arranged in a visually pleasing design.

Best of Show


This exhibit is a variety of plants arranged in a container.



680302Dish Gardens

680303Wheelbarrow Gardens

680304Fairy Gardens


Best of Show


No crusted topsoil.The exhibit should be displayed in a clean container that enhances but is not distracting from the presentation.This division does not include herbs.


680401Indoor Plants

House plants include flowering and foliage plants that can live in a house year-round.

680402Outdoor Plants

Potted plants for porch or patio.Can include ornamental trees such as living Christmas trees, crabapples, nursery stock, roses, forsythias, lilacs, chrysanthemums, mock orange, etc.

Best of Show


This exhibit is a soft stemmed plant without woody tissue sometimes having a pleasant scent or flavor.The exhibit is to be displayed in a clean container that enhances but is not distracting from the presentation.




Best of Show


This exhibit consists of vegetables (such as tomatoes, green beans, or corn raised for human consumption), homegrown fruits and/or nuts or field crops.Must be grown by exhibitor.Display exhibits in creative baskets or home created containers (not to exceed 10 inches in diameter).Do not display exhibits on paper plates.


680601Vegetable- One variety of vegetable.

680602Vegetables- Three or more varieties of vegetables.

680603Fruits and nuts-A pint container of berries or nuts or a plate of fruit, i.e. 5 apples, 5 plums, 5 pears or a bunch of grapes.

680604Field Crops-A quart container of field corn, rye, wheat or sunflower seeds, etc.If crops are not ready for harvest, last year’s harvest may be used.

Best of Show


This exhibit is an educational display related to the field of plant science.The exhibit must consist of TWO of the following: a display, notebook or trifold.

Sample topics include propagation, pruning, mulching, marketing, bedding plant, forcing twigs, sequence of flowering hotbeds, indoor greenhouses, collection of pressed specimens of flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees, evergreen, weeds, flower arrangement, parts of seeds, seed germination, variety, trails, spray control tests or any other experiment planned.


680701Educational Exhibit,

Best of Show

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