Exhibit Hall Auction
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Exhibit Hall Auction

2020 Exhibit Hall Auction

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Youth Still Exhibit Auction

Date:Friday, July 10, 2020

Learning objective:To encourage youth to develop and enhance their skills in creating and marketing a product.

Limit of one product in this class.Auction Rules:

1. Youth Still Exhibit Auction is open to all youth exhibitors ages 5-19.

2.Each exhibitor may sell one product in the auction.

3.The Exhibit Hall committee will determine the sale worthiness of all items prior to the auction.Any item not deemed worthy will be returned to the exhibitor.

4.Exhibitor must enter class 490101 If less than ten (10) items are entered into the Exhibit Hall Auction, a silent auction format will be used in place of the live auction.The product may also be entered as an Exhibit Hall project in its correct class.

5.Exhibitors must set the minimum price that they will accept for their project and are encouraged to and create a marketing piece no larger than 8 ½ X 11 to accompany the item on display.

6.The exhibitor must be present to sell their own project.

7.Eight percent will be retained from the sale proceeds to cover auction costs.

8.Projects may be removed by the buyer after payment is made in full.

9.If any project does not receive the minimum bid, the exhibitor will remove the project during Exhibit Hall check out.

10.If the buyer has not paid in full by the Wednesday after Fair, the exhibitor is responsible to pick up the item(s) from the Fair Office and no payment is due to the Exhibitor.

11.Each exhibitor is expected to write a thank you note to the buyer. You will be notified of the buyer’s information to complete your Thank You notes.

12.After all buyers’ checks have cleared the bank, payments will be made to the sellers.A meeting will be called the 3rd Sunday of August at the Fairgrounds in the Community Room from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm to distribute checks.Sellers that have completed their thank you notes may pick up their checks at this meeting.Others who have completed their thank you notes may pick up their checks after this meeting.Thank you notes sent or brought to the Fair office must be addressed to the buyer and stamped.If not, the notes will be returned to the seller.Anyone who has not made arrangements to pick up their checks will have their checks mailed 60 days after the check meeting.A $10.00 fee will be assessed for any checks that are mailed 60 days after the check meeting.


490101Exhibit Hall Auction

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