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For questions please refer to the complete 2020 Oakland County Fairbook


2020 Dogs

Fairbook pages 82-89



Coordinator and Superintendent

Kelly Fuller

248-379-0422 CALL/TEXT

5-7 Year Old Handlers:see Department 91 for non-competitive dog classes and entry information.

Please see Department 93 for Dog Fun Contests and Quiz Bowl information

Rules:Dogs (4 months and older) MUST have a current rabies vaccination and DHPP or current titer from veterinarian. A copy of the current vaccination record must accompany verification form and the original must be present the entire time dog is on the Fairgrounds. Bordetella is highly recommended. Exceptions to the above are only accepted in the event of a veterinarian certifying that vaccinations are not recommended for a specific dog for health reasons.Such cases are subject to verification by the Superintendent.Rabies vaccinations are required by law and may not be waived under any circumstances. TAGS ONLY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS PROOF OF VACCINES.

Handlers must read and follow General Rules and All Dog Department rules.


1.Required Forms:

A. A Dog verification form, available on our web site, or the Fair Office, must be completed and submitted along with a copy of the current vaccination record to the Fair Office no later than Discovery Day of the current year. Verification forms will be accepted for 2 weeks after Discovery Day with a $25.00 late fee.Any verification form received later than 2 weeks after Discovery Day will be assessed a $100.00 late fee. No verification forms will be accepted after the fair entry deadline date of June 1st .All handlers must submit a verification form. The color photograph is of dog only; there must be a clear unobstructed view of the dog for verification purposes.Each handler may verify a maximum of 3 dogs, but may only show two (2) dogs.Additionally they can verify and show their service/leader puppies. First year handlers must meet all ownership requirements for their species and must submit verification forms no later than the June 1st fair entry deadline, with no late fee.

B.A completed Project Animal Certification/Care Form is required for all animals in the dog area.This form is available on our web site,, and may be submitted at the time of registration or completed and turned in at check in.

2.Handlers must maintain complete control of their dogs, which must be on leash at all times when not in specific class.As a safety precaution, dogs are not allowed in other exhibit areas.Leader Dog and Service Dog puppies are the only exception, and they must be on leash at all times.

3.Handlers are expected to be working with their project dog(s) as of Discovery Day of the current year. Handlers should be responsible for 80% of the care and training as of that time.

4.A grooming examination may be included in the evaluation of all dogs.

5.Females in season may not be shown.

6. There shall be no severe discipline or abuse (slapping, hitting, choking, kicking, etc.) of dogs, nor shall there be any excessively loud commands given while on the Fairgrounds.There shall be no drilling or intensive training of dogs on the Fairgrounds.No special training collars (spike, pinch, etc.) shall be used while on the Fairgrounds.Anyone exhibiting such behavior or using such equipment on their dog will be immediately removed from the Fairgrounds and will forfeit all ribbons, trophies, and premium money.ONLY chain, leather,nylon slip or restricted choke collars (martingales) or flat buckle collars are permitted when showing in Rally, Obedience and Showmanship. Only flat buckle collars permitted in Agility ring. Head halters and harnesses are permitted on Fairgrounds, but may not be used while showing in any ring. The only accepted collars in agility are flat buckle with NO tags.No tags permitted on any collar when the dog is in the ring in any class.

7.Adults cannot work, train, or groom dogs on the Fairgrounds unless that dog is their own fair project animal.

8.Classes may start before the designated time, verify start times at check in..

9.Armband numbers will remain the same for all classes entered.

10.Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks and display no sign of illness or disease.


Obedience, Agility and Rally:

Females:Skirts, dresses, or capris no shorter than 2 inches above the knee or dress slacks with

an appropriate shirt or top are required.

Males:Dress slacks or khakis with collared shirt are required.Jackets and suit coats are



Females: Skirts, dresses, or capris no shorter than 2 inches above the knee or dress slacks with

an appropriate shirt or top are required.

Males:Dress slacks with dress shirt and tie is required with sport or suit coat suggested.


Both females and males:The above applies as well as, you are allowed walking shorts past the mid-thigh. Athletic type shoes are required.

Prohibited Attire: Sweat suits, shorts, hats, any type of denim, logo T-shirts, muscle shirts, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, low cut blouses, any other clothing with printed logos or club affiliation logos, sandals, flip flops, heels, and boots are prohibited.The Superintendent will make final determination if needed.

Leader/Service Attire:Handlers may wear an organization logo shirt for classes 22-E-1 or 22-E-2 only.If a leader or service puppy enters any other class, the appropriate attire for that class is required.Please note that leader dog puppies are barred from obedience classes.The puppies must wear identifying coats/saddles or bandanas/scarves at all times.Service dog puppies may show in obedience and/or showmanship classes.

Costume Attire:Be creative and make it fun.Please note that the “prohibited attire” does not apply to this class with the exception of clothing considered to be too revealing or indecent.

12.Qualifying Scoring is as follows:

Placement ribbons and/or rosettes will be awarded 1st-6th place

Obedience Classes: 170 out of 200 possible points, AND 50% of each exercise.

Team Obedience:850 out of 1000 possible points AND 50% of each exercise.

Freestyle Classes: 15 out of 20 possible points.

Rally Classes:70 out of 100 possible points.

Agility Classes:85 out of 100 possible points.

13.A dog that has completed an obedience degree or who has completed the requirements for a 4-H patch in obedience more than four months prior to the Fair may not be shown in the class which he has received his degree patch, but must show in a more advanced class.

14.All competing dogs in the class will perform the long sit and down exercises together. However, if there are more dogs competing than can be spaced 4 feet per dog on one side of a ring, some must be judged in another group. The judge will divide the class into approximately equal groups, and the Group Exercise will be judged after each long sit and down exercise groups..

15.Handlers are responsible for cleaning up their areas and after their dogs.Plastic bags, shovels and garbage cans are provided for this purpose.

16.Handlers may show a total of 2 dogs at Fair plus their service/leader puppies.

17.DISQUALIFICATION/INELIGIBILITY:Any dog that is blind (without useful vision) or deaf (without useful hearing) must show proper training to compete.Any dog that is lame, taped, or bandaged should not be shown in any class, unless exhibitor can provide veterinarian’s approval.Superintendent will make final judgement.

18.All judges’ decisions are final.

19.Once a class begins there will be no entering a class late unless there is a conflict due to showing in another class at the Fair. You must notify registration prior to the start of your class.

20.If a change of clothes or change of dog is required you must notify the steward or superintendent before the class starts.A maximum of five minutes will be allowed for the change.

21.Only one child may show a single dog in any agility, rally, freestyle or obedience class.These classes are based on the level the dog has already been trained by a single handler. If a handler is showing a dog that has been previously trained and /or titled in any performance venue, the handler and dog may only show in the highest level class that the dog has been trained in.If in doubt, the superintendent will place the handler/dog in the appropriate class.

22.In case of a tie for a placement in any Obedience class, except for Pre-Novice each dog will be tested again individually, by performing the entire Novice Heel Free exercise. The original scores will not be changed. Ties in Pre-Novice classes will be tested by performing the on-leash heel pattern, not the figure 8.

  • Unless otherwise noted, 4-H rules and regulations for dog classes will be followed. Judges may use their discretion to adapt rules as necessary to fit from AKC (American Kennel Club) rules and regulations if no 4-H rules apply.

24.Age for all dog handlers:

a.5-7 years old-competitive

b.Junior:8-13 years old

c.Senior:14-19 years old

d.Adult:20 years and older

25.Any 5-7-year-old handlers registering for classes in Department 22 are ineligible to enter classes in Department 91, Division 22.

26.Adult Classes-Adults may exhibit their own dogs in specified adult classes, see individual divisions for details.Adult exhibitors are considered “Handlers” and must comply with ALL rules listed in the dog department.Adult handlers may not train or show their child’s project dog, but must provide their own.


For Premium Payout Information for all classes: see General Rules #17.

Check-In: Check in will begin ½ hour before the scheduled judging for Freestyle, Dog Fun Contest, Costume, Quiz Bowl, and Showmanship.Check in will begin 1 hour before for Rally and Obedience and Agility.

Show Dates

Agility: Sunday, July 12th at 10:00 am

Rally:Thursday, July 16th at 1:00 pm

Quiz Bowl:Thursday, July 16th Following Rally

Obedience: Saturday, July 18th at 10:00 am

Showmanship: Saturday, July 18th Following Obedience

Free Style:Sunday, July 19th at 10:00 am

Drill Team: Sunday, July 19th Following Free Style

Costume:Sunday, July 19th Following Free Style

Fun Dog Contest:Sunday, July 194h Following Free Style

Memorial Recognition and Commemorative Awards


2019 Winner: NA

This trophy is given in honor of the German Shepherd, “Royale Black Velvet”, as part of the breeding program at Leader Dogs For the Blind.This revolving trophy is awarded to the Highest Scoring Leader Dog Puppy.

The trophy is donated by Larry Barker.A personal trophy will also be awarded.


Placing: 1 through 6, Premium Money and one set of rosettes for each class

Two trophies for Division 1:

Champion Showman

Reserve Champion Showman.

A person may show two years in Novice Showmanship; after that, they must show in Open Showmanship.If a person is eligible to show in the Open class in dog shows, they must show in Open Showmanship.Handlers must show in the most advanced class they are eligible for.The Junior Showmanship handlers are judged on their ability to present their dog as if being shown in the conformation ring at a dog show.The handlers, not the dogs, are judged.


220101 Novice 8-13 years old

220102Novice 14 years old and over

220103Open 8 -19 years old

2201045-7 years old competitive


220106Showmanship Champions Level (must pre-register)

This class is for handlers who have at least three (3) first-third placings from classes of four (4) or more participants at any show (Fun match, AKC match, Practice match, Fair or State Dog Show, etc.), thus qualifying them for a 4-H Junior Showmanship Champion Patch.

Reserve Champion Showmanship (Do not pre-register)

Best in Showmanship (Do not pre-register)


Placing: 1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class.

Two trophies and two sets of rosettes for

Division 2:High Scoring Novice and Intermediate and High Scoring Advanced, Excellent, and Masters

  • 5-7 Competitive and Novice:10 to 15 exercises (not including start and finish), 3-5 must be stationary.
  • All Novice and Intermediate exercises are to be performed on lead and all Advanced exercises are to be performed off lead.
  • Unlimited communication allowed except the handler may not touch the dog.
  • Intermediate:Dog must have titled in Rally Novice but may not have earned a qualifying score in Rally Advanced to enter.12- 17 exercises.There are no jumps in this class.
  • Advanced:12-17 exercises.
  • Excellent:15-20 exercises.
  • Masters 15-20 exercises
  • Advanced Rally/Excellent Jump Heights


Under 10”4”

10-under 15”8”

15-under 20”12”


Please see specific instruction and rule sheets available at the Fair Office.


2202015-7 Competitive

220202Novice-Ages 8-13(on leash)

220203Novice-Ages 14 and older (on leash)

220205Intermediate Ages 8-19 (on leash)

220206High Scoring Novice and Intermediate Do Not Pre-register

220207 Advanced Ages 8-19 (off leash)

220208 Excellent Ages 8-19 (off leash)

220811Masters Ages 8-19

220809 High Scoring Advanced, Excellent and Masters(Do Not Pre-register)

220210Adult Class



1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class.

Two trophies and two sets of rosettes for Division 3:

High Scoring Obedience Junior Handler 8-13

High Scoring Obedience Senior Handler 12-14

All obedience classes will be judged using 4-H score sheets available at the Fair Office.

Pre-Novice Rules: All exercises will be done on a 6-foot leash. Exercises are as follows: heel on leash & figure 8, stand for exam, recall, grooming, 1 minute sit stay and 3 minute stay down.


2203015-7 Competitive

220302Pre-Novice A, first year handler, Ages 8-13.

220303Pre-Novice A, first year handler, Ages 14 and up

220304Pre-Novice B, second year and above handler, Ages 8-13.

220305Pre Novice B, second year and above

handler, Ages 14 and up.

Beginner Novice:exercises are both on leash and off leash.Exercises are as follows:heal on leash, Figure eight, Sit for exam, Sit, Stay and Recall.

220314 Beginner Novice A

220315Beginner Novice B

220306 Novice

Exercise will be done as follows: heel pattern and figure 8 on leash, stand for examination, repeat heel pattern off lease, recall, and long stays .

220307 Graduate Novice

Exercises will be as follows; heel on leash and figure 8 off leash, drop on recall, dumbbell recall, recall over high jump, recall over broad jump and 3 minute down stay (out of sight).

220308 Advanced Graduate Novice

Exercises are as follows; heel and figure 8 off leash, moving stand for exam, drop on recall, retrieve on flat, 3 minute sit stay and 5 minute down stay (both out of sight).

220309 Open

Exercises are as follows; heel and figure 8 off leash, drop on recall, retrieve on flat, retrieve over high jump, broad jump, 3 minute sit stay and 5 minute down stay (out of sight).

*Dogs height at withers will be their high jump height and double this for the broad jump.




220310Utility-Exercises are performed off-leash and as follows:directed retrieval, signal exercise, directed jumping, moving stand and exam, and scent discrimination.

220311High Scoring Senior, Ages 14 and up

220312High Scoring Junior, Ages 8-13

220313TEAM OBEDIENCE: (Premiums not paid)

220313 Adult

Team Class:This is four (4) handlers and their dogs.They will be judged as in the Novice Class and will perform all exercises simultaneously, except the recall (handlers will leave their dogs simultaneously, but the dogs will be called one at a time on a separate command from the judge and finish simultaneously).Dogs entered in Team Class must be entered in Novice or a more advanced obedience class. One member of the team is to sign the team up for this class during the Exhibit Hall project check in, at the dog project area.You may also sign up between 10:00 am -12:00 pm on Sunday, July 7th at the dog tent.Premiums are not paid.


Placing: 1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class.

One trophy for Division 4:

High Scoring Handler in Freestyle OR Heelwork

Rules for all classes:1.5 to 2.5 minutes on or off leash obedience routine set to music of handler’s choice performed by dog and handler.No food in ring, but can give verbal commands and praise.Props are allowed if used in routine.Costumes are fun and acceptable for handlers.Dogs can wear decorative collars only.Please bring two (2) copies of music. Two (2) scores will be given (one for Technical and one for Artistic Merits).

Disqualifications for:fouling in ring, leaving ring, food/training aid in ring, music too short or too long.


Any move is allowed as long as it does not endanger the dog or handler.Distance work, jumps, weaves, and innovative new moves

encouraged.Dance steps preferred to the music.Moves may be performed from any position.


2204015-7 Competitive

220402 Beginners - (Combination of on or off leash)

220403 Intermediate - (Off leash)

220404 Advanced - (Anyone having completed a title in the Intermediate Division)

220405Adult Class


If you participate in pairs class, please indicate other members on your entry form.Props, music, music player and costumes (if any) are responsibility of handler.

No distance work.Handler and dog must never be further than 4 feet apart (Except in Pairs where each handler may move away from the other handler).No jumps, weaves, send outs, distance spins, or pivots.All moves should be in some form of heel position.Heel work may be performed at sides, front, back, face to face, face to back or back to back position always within four feet of each other.Steps by handler should be in time to music.Dance steps preferred, walking steps acceptable.

Disqualifications for:fouling in ring, leaving ring, food/training aid in ring, music too short or too long.


220406 Heel work to music, all ages, on or off leash

Freestyle Pairs- May do either heelwork to music or musical freestyle. No Premiums Paid.


220407 Pairs: 2 dogs/2 handlers all ages

220408Champion for Division 3. Do Not Pre-register


Service/Leader Puppies:

Placing: 1 through 6, Premiums and one set of strip ribbons for each class

One trophy for Division 5:

High Scoring Leader or Service Puppy

Achievement medals, if donated, will be awarded to all handlers.

1.Please state the age of the puppy on the entry form.Organization logo shirts may be worn.

2.Puppies should wear identifying coats, saddles, or bandanas/scarves at all times.

3.Leader Dog puppies are not allowed to show in Obedience; however, Service Dog puppies may show in Obedience.If a Leader Dog or Service Dog is entered in Fair in a showmanship class, and must be returned to the school prior to Fair, after entries have closed, a substitute dog may be shown (if the dog verification form has been timely filed).

4.Submit the original dog’s Project Record Book with a note attached, and contact the superintendent prior to Fair.

5.Five to Seven-year-old competitive exhibitors and Adults are eligible to enter these classes.


220501Leader Dog Puppies

220502Service/Hearing Dog Puppies


Rules: Please see 4-H Agility Manual.A copy will be available to review at the Fair office or may be obtained online at:


ALL DOGS COMPETING IN AGILITY CLASSES MUST HAVE COMPLETED A MINIMUM 6 WEEK COURSE OF AGILITY CLASSES AND MEET AGE REQUIREMENTS. Dogs must be at least one year old to participate in agility classes.5-7 year old exhibitors are not eligible to participate in any agility class.

Agility will be divided into three levels (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced).A handler who has earned a 4-H patch or met requirements in Agility more than four months prior to the Fair may not show in the class which he has received his patch, but must show in a more advanced class.

Placing: 1 through 6, Premiums and one set of strip ribbons for each class.

Two trophies and sets of rosettes for Division 6:High Scoring Junior 8-13 and High Scoring Senior 14-19


220601 Beginner 8-13 years old

220602 Beginner 14-19 years old

All beginner obstacles must be run onleash.Leash must be 6 ft. in length and held by handler the entire time except when entering the tire jump, chute or tunnel.The leash shall be dropped and the handler is to go back on leash after each obstacle is completed.Dogs aged 12 to 15 months must jump at 8 inches.However, dogs between 12 and 15 months and under 10 inches at withers must jump at 4 inches.Table height is to be 8 inches high and long jump is to be 16 inches wide.Handlers may jump with their dogs.For all other dogs, jumps and table heights are 8 inches high and long jump is 16 inches wide.

220603 Intermediate: Handlers and dogs that have received their patch/title at the Beginner Level.This class will be done off leash with all jump and table heights being 12”, and the long jump being 24” wide.For dogs 10” and under at withers, jumps will be 8” high and long jump will be 16” wide.Handlers are not allowed to jump the jumps with their dogs.

220604 Advanced:For handlers and dogs that have received their title at the Intermediate Agility level.Jump heights:Jumps based on dog’s height at withers.See agility height chart.

High Scoring Junior 8-13.DO NOT PRE-REGISTER. High Scoring Senior 14-19 DO NOT PRE-REGISTER



Dog’s Height at Withers

Over 20”

Over 14” up to 20”-

Over 10” up to 14”

Over 9” up to 10”

Under 9”

Jump Heights






Long Jump Length






Max. Table Height






Tire Jump Height







Learning Objective: To demonstrate outfit coordination and a confident attitude during judging.

Rules:Dog and handler will be judged together as to creativity and how dog is able to move without hindrance from costume.Props and costumes are responsibility of handler and must be safe for the animal, exhibitor and spectators and must not cause discomfort to the animal.Prior to the start of class each exhibitor must submit a paragraph describing costumes to be read during judging.

Placing: 1 through 6, Ribbons, Premium Money and one set of strip ribbons for each class. One set of rosettes for Best of Show for Division 7.


2207015-7 years old Competitive

2207028-13 years old

22070314-19 years old

Best of Show


Rules:Absolutely no enhancements of records allowed.A clear cover will not be considered an enhancement and is encouraged.

A record book for each animal is recommended. Must Use designated Record Book.Record books may be obtained from the Fair Office, Fair website or the Oakland County 4-H Extension office. Placing: 1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class. One trophy and one set of rosettes for Best of Show for Division 8.

Check-In:Exhibit Hall between 9:45 am and 12:00 p.m. on Judging Saturday. Exhibit tags will be available at check in.


220801Dog Records 5-7 years old Competitive

220802Dog Records 8-13 years old

220803Dog Records 14-19 years old

Best of Show


Rules: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN AN ANIMAL TO DO THIS! Participation in other companion animal classes is not a pre-requisite for this division. Exhibits and tri-folds should contain information relating to a specific species area, e.g. housing, feed, diseases, breeds, consumer products, anatomy, uses, history, etc.Exhibitor may not display any animal or parts of an animal in their exhibit unless the Fair Board gives prior approval.(Club exhibits should see Dept. 54 for class descriptions and numbers)

Placing: 1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class. One trophy and one set of rosettes for Best of Show for Division 89

Check-In: Exhibit Hall between 9:45 am and 12:00 p.m. on Judging Saturday. Exhibit tags will be available at check in.


220901Dog Consumer Ed 5-7 years old Competitive

220902Dog Consumer Ed 8-13 years old

220903Dog Consumer Ed 14-19 years old

Best of Show


Please note:trifold displays moved to Consumer Education.

Rules: Notebook classes are not a required entry.Do not include current Project Records in Notebook. Previous years Project Records should be added to your Notebook. Work for the current year must be designated as separate from any previous work done on the notebook. Please limit previous work to three years. For a guideline of what to include in your Notebook, please see “Guidelines to 4-H Dog Notebooks” available at the Fair Office Placing:

1 through 6, Premium Money and strip ribbons for each class. One trophy and one set of rosettes for Best of Show for Division 10.

Check-In: Exhibit Hall between 9:45 am and 12:00 p.m. on Judging Saturday.Exhibit tags will be available at check in.


221001Dog Notebook 5-7 years old Competitive

221002 Dog Notebook- 8-13 years old

221003Dog Notebook- 14-19 years old

Best of Show

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