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For questions please refer to the complete 2020 Oakland County Fairbook


2020 Cats

Fairbook pages 89-91





Follow General and Livestock Rules. Exhibitor must complete the Animal Certification Care form for your cat. This form is located on the website or in the Fair Office.

  1. Exhibitor shall exhibit no more than two (2) cats/kittens per class. Cats(s) and kittens must be owned by exhibitor or exhibitor’s family.
  2. All cats must have proof of the following immunizations: Current feline distemper combination vaccine and rabies vaccine. Exhibitors must include PROOF OF VACCINATIONS in their cat records or present such records at check in. All animals must be under the control of the exhibitor at all times. The exhibitor must show awareness of the correct procedures to show the animal. In the interest of safety, the Fair Board and/or the superintendent can have any uncontrollable cat removed.
  3. Cats must be brought in a secure pet carrier (cardboard boxes are not acceptable). It is recommended that the bottom of the carrier be lined with newspaper. The exhibitor should bring extra newspaper for this purpose.
  4. It is required that, while the animal is not in its carrier, the cat be on a harness and leash; that the cat wear its harness WITH ID TAG at all times. Collars are unacceptable. Exhibitors, keep your cat a safe distance from other cats to avoid any unfriendly confrontations.
  5. Cats are to be brought to the Fair on show day only.
  6. Cats showing any sign of disease, such as sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, fleas or ear mites or suspicious illness will be disqualified from the show and must be removed from the Fairgrounds.
  7. Adults may only assist the exhibitor while the animal is being groomed or carried to the table for judging. This is for safety purposes only.
  8. Dress code for showmanship class, males should wear a dress shirt and pants; females may wear either a blouse and dress pants, or below the knee dress/skirt. Long hair should be tied back. Prohibited Attire: Sweat suits, shorts, spandex, hats, any type of denim, logo T-shirts, muscle shirts, halter tops, low cut blouses, any other clothing with printed logos or club affiliation logos are prohibited.
  9. Exhibitors are responsible for care of their cat and for cleaning their areas.
  10. The cats must have water in their carriers at all times in a non-spillable container.
  11. Cats must have their nails trimmed. If not familiar with the procedure, it is suggested that the animal be taken to a veterinarian or professional groomer for the trimming.
  12. No pregnant, nursing cats or cats in season are permitted to be shown. Only felines 4 months or older (as of show-date) will be allowed to be shown. Kittens are between the ages of four and eight months (as of show-date). Adult cats are over eight months (as of show date).
  13. Any 5-7-year-old exhibitors registering for classes in Department 23 are ineligible to enter classes in Department 91, Division 23.
  14. All judge’s decisions are final.

It is recommended that the exhibitor get their cat familiar with the carrier, leash and harness, noises, smells, strangers and being handled by strangers before Fair.

For Premium Payout Information for all classes: see General Rule #17.

Special Needs: Youth having special needs must make arrangements with the Superintendent prior to the start of judging.

Cat Records: Are strongly encouraged for all exhibitors. Records are available from the web site: Records must pertain to your current cat project.

Exhibits Check In: Cat Education, Cat Skills for Life and Records Check In by noon on Judging Saturday in the Ellis Barn Exhibit Hall.

Cats Check-in:: Saturday, July 11th at 12:45 pm in the Companion Animal Tent.

Judging: Will begin at 1:00 pm in the Companion Animal Tent

Cat Release: All cats are to be removed immediately following the presentation of cat awards.

Placing: 1 through 6 Premiums. One set of strip ribbons per class, one set of rosettes per division and one trophy per division. Best of Show $5 for each division.

Best of Show Classes: Do not pre-register for these classes.


Rules: Cats can be only used by one person in Showmanship. One entry per exhibitor. Each exhibitor should be able to answer oral questions. Follow the procedure for Showmanship outlined in “Cat Fitting and Showing” guide. For information on how to show a cat, go to Exhibitor MUST also enter “Cat Records” in order to receive premium money for this division.


230101 5-7 years old competitive

230102 8-11 years old

230103 12-14 years old

230104 15-19 years old

Best of Show


Rules: The cat will be judged on condition, health, grooming, and temperament. Exhibitor MUST also enter Cat Records in order to be eligible to receive premium money for this division.


230201 Kitten

230202 Adult

Best of Show


Rules: Costume must not cause harm or discomfort to the cat.

Learning Objective: To demonstrate outfit coordination, creativity and a confident attitude during judging.


230301 Decorate your Carrier (outside only)

Bring on the day of the cat show.

230302 Costume Class - Exhibitor and cat in related costumes.


Rules: Absolutely no enhancements of records allowed. Submit cat record in a 3 hole plastic page protector. One set of records is strongly encouraged for each cat exhibited. Records are available at

Check-In: Ellis Barn Exhibit Hall by noon on Judging Saturday.


230401 5-7 years old competitive

230402 8-11 years old

230403 12-14 years old

230404 15-19 years old

Best of Show


Rules:You do not have to own a cat to do this! Participation in other companion animal classes is not a pre-requisite for this division. Exhibitor may enter up to two different projects in this division .

Cat Education Exhibits

Tri-folds should contain information relating to a specific species area, e.g. housing, feed, diseases, breeds, consumer products, anatomy, uses, history, etc. Exhibitor may not display any animal or parts of an animal in their exhibit unless the Fair Board gives prior approval. (Clubs should see Club Exhibits for class descriptions and numbers.)

Cat Skills for Life: Project Book with completed activities for this year, along with an exhibit or display showing one activity or lesson identified in the completed activities. Project books are available at the 4-H Office.

Check-In: Ellis Barn Exhibit Hall by noon on Judging Saturday.


230501 5-7 years old competitive

230502 8-11 years old

230503 12-14 years old

230504 15-19 years old

Best of Show
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