2024 Project Animal Certification
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2024 Project Animal Certification

2024 Project Animal Certification Form

Exhibitor Information

I agree to the terms and conditions

If animal not raised at home address please provide location where project animal was raised

PROJECT ANIMAL CERTIFICATION: We, the youth exhibitor and parent/guardian, certify that we have read, acknowledge, accept and will abide by all the rules as set forth in the Oakland County Fair Book as well as any rules posted in the livestock office at the Fair as they pertain to all the livestock exhibits we have at the Fair. We further certify that we have not administered to any of the animals we plan to show any substance not approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and/or the Fair for slaughter/breeding stock animals. This includes, but not limited to diuretics, steroids, repartitioning agents and tranquilizers. We also certify that, with respect to any drug, chemical or feed additive approved by the FDA and/or USDA for slaughter animals, that no illegal use of approved chemicals/compounds has taken place and that the applicable withdrawal period as recognized by the FDA and/or USDA has expired prior to the market sale at the Fair.
We acknowledge and accept the fact that any animal entered at the Oakland County Fair is subject to blood, urine and tissue tests, and that the Fair reserves the right to disqualify any animal either live or slaughtered, found in violation of the use of drugs, chemicals or feed additives, as described above, or found to have broken any rules of the Oakland County Fair. We acknowledge that disqualification will result in the forfeiture of all ribbons, trophies, awards, premiums, entry fees and moneys earned at the livestock sale by the disqualified animals(s). Any disqualification may affect your eligibility to exhibit at future Fairs. If any animal is disqualified after judging is complete, no class placings will be changed.
We will allow the designated test/veterinarian to draw any and all samples deemed appropriate by the Fair Board from our animal(s).
We will indemnify and hold harmless the Fair and all of its sponsors and assisting organizations, their employees and agents, against all legal or other proceedings in connection with said drug testing or other fact finding events into rule violation at the Oakland County Fair. We will indemnify and hold harmless the Fair and its sponsors and assisting organization against all claims of injury of our animals and any damage or injury to any person or property caused by the animal.
PROJECT ANIMAL CARE: Proper care (feeding, handling, etc.) of project animals and maintenance (cleanliness, neatness, etc.) of assigned Fair housing is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Project animals must be cared for in accordance with commonly accepted feeding/handling practices, and the animal’s pen/stall cleaned and re-bedded as necessary on a daily basis. The animal superintendents will monitor proper care and maintenance of all animals and their assigned housing area. If animal care and/or housing maintenance do not meet commonly accepted practices (as defined by the superintendent) a red tag will be placed on the pen/stall or, when possible, handed to the exhibitor. After 12 hours, if the exhibitor has not corrected the problem or made arrangements with the superintendent as to when it will be corrected, the project will be sent home. We understand that if we are unable to remove the animal that the Fair Board has the right to arrange for the shipment home of our animals and that we will accept the cost of this service. This will mean the loss of all awards and premiums for that project animal. If this problem happens after the livestock sale, we understand a charge for taking care of the animal will be subtracted from the selling price by the Fair Board to cover the cost of others caring for the animal. We understand and accept that this one form applies to and may be enforced on any or all species of animals that we are exhibiting at the 2023 Oakland County Fair.
If for any reason the Oakland County Fair Board or its appointed veterinarian decides an animal needs to be quarantined or sent home, you will abide by that decision. If treatment of any kind is required for public safety or the health of other animals, you agree to allow for that treatment by the Oakland County Fair Boards veterinarian. The Exhibitor will be responsible for all expense incurred. If for any reason the sale of any animal or species of animals has to be cancelled at the Fair, the Oakland County Fair Board will not be responsible for any loss of income incurred to any exhibitor.
We have read, acknowledge, accept and will abide by all animal care/housing maintenance rules as set forth by the Oakland County 4-H Fair Board and the animal superintendents both in the Fair book and the ones posted in the livestock office at the Fair.
2023 Project Animal Certification
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