Horse Competition
See you soon! July 7- 16, 2023
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Horse Competition

Date: July 08 - July 15, 2023
(Specific times may be subject to change. Refer to posted and/or announced information at fair for any updates.)

Saturday 7/9/2022
8AM - 11AM Check-In (English Classes)
10:45PM Pledges
11AM Huntseat Fitting & Showing
English W/T, W Fitting & Showing
Saddleseat Fitting & Showing
Adult English Fitting & Showing
3 PM Hunt Seat F&S Grand Championship
Saddle Seat F&S Grand Championship
4 PM Saddleseat Equitation
Saddleseat Pleasure
Saddleseat Bareback
Adult Saddleseat Classes
Saddle Seat Equitation Grand Champ
Saddle Seat Pleasure Grand Champ
Saddle Seat Bareback Grand Champ
7 PM Drill Teams

Sunday 7/10/2022
8 am-10 am Check-Out & Check-In
9:45AM Pledges
10AM Huntseat Equitation
English Equitation W/T, W
Huntseat Pleasure
English Pleasure W/T, W
Huntseat Bareback
Adult Huntseat Classes
Hunter Hack
Adult Hunter Hack
W/T Ground Poles
Baby Green Hunter
Equitation Over Fences
Hunter Over Fences
Adult Over Fences Classes
4PM Hunt Seat Equitation Grand Champ
Hunt Seat Pleasure Grand Champ
Hunt Seat Bareback Grand Champ
7PM Stick Horse Classes

Monday 7/11/2022
8AM - 10AM Check-Out & Check-In
8:45AM Pledges
9AM Dressage Fitting & Showing
Dressage Seat Equitation
Dressage Suitability
Posted ride times Dressage
Adult Dressage
Western Dressage

Tuesday 7/12/2022
8am-10 am Check-Out & Check-In
9:45AM Pledges
10AM Western Fitting & Showing
Western W/T Fitting & Showing
Adult Western Fitting & Showing
12 PM Western F&S Grand Championship
1PM English & Western Riding
Adult English & Western Riding
Ranch Classes
4PM Versatility

Wednesday 7/13/2022
8AM - 10AM Check-Out & Check-In
9:45AM Pledges
10AM 5-7 Non-Competitive
11AM Western Horsemanship
Western Horsemanship W/T, W
Western Pleasure
Western Pleasure W/T, W
Adult Commands
Western Bareback
Adult Western Classes
4 PM Western Horsemanship Grand Championship
Western Pleasure Grand Championship
Western Bareback Grand Championship

Thursday, 7/14/2022
8AM-10AM Check-Out & Check-In
8:45 AM Pledges
9AM Trail 1
Trail Intro (W/T)
Trail Intro (W)
Trail in-Hand
Trail 2
1 PM Miniature Horse Fitting & Showing
Miniature Horse Halter
Miniature Horse Trail
6PM Showmanship Sweepstakes
7 PM Costume Class
Adult Costume Class

Friday 7/15/2022
8AM - 10AM Check-Out & Check-In
9:45AM Pledges
10AM Horse/Pony Driving
Miniature Horse Driving Classes
Open Ground Driving
Miniature Horse Jumping Classes
Miniature Horse Gymkhana Classes
Reining 1
Reining 2
W/T Reining

Saturday 7/16/2022
8AM - 11AM Check-Out & Check In
10AM Proud Equestrian Program
1 PM (approx..) Gymkhana
6 PM Horse Awards Presentation

Sunday 7/17/2022
8AM-10AM Check-Out

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Horse Competition
July 08 - July 15, 2023
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